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 For Small Two Door Cars $10.00  - For wax $30.00

Four Door Cars $15.00 - wax $35.00

Small Suv's $15.00 - wax $40.00

Medium size Suv's $20.00 - $45.00

Large Suv's $25.00 - wax $60.00

Small Trucks $10.00 - wax $35.00

Medium Size Trucks $15.00 - wax $40.00

Large Trucks $25.00 & up - wax $ 60.00 & up

New customers will get a first time discount on full detail only. prices vary on the size of your vehcile. 

Depending on how big the truck is and how dirty it is. All washs Include: vacuuming,window cleaning,tire shine & rim polishing.

Please note I am not held responsible for any personal belongings in your vehicle please also know you will be asked if I can put pictures of your vehicle on my web page. Thank and God bless.

Oil changes & tune-ups on most cars and trucks. I charge for labor only you buy the materials needed for the job.


I aslo install amps, radios,speakers  the only thing i don't do right now is supply the material to do it I charge by  Labor And the Prices Vary.

Any motor work or brake jobs for now on will be $35.00 per hour on labor. I also can check engine lights now for free to wipe out the codes will cost $20.00. 

I now restore headlights prices vary on condition please call.

Email me at : or

  you can call my cell phone number at 864-633-7780

Thank You and have a blessed day.

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This is what the car looked like before detailed it down below. Up above is what it looks like now.this cost about $569.00 at a Auto body shop I charged only $30.00 for something that only took about 15 minutes to take off his car.

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This is my moms ebay member I.D name listed above. her is the site for her website Thank You And God Bless.
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